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Tax Planning in Farmington Hills

Planning for tax season is not generally the most exciting thing for small business owners, which is why so many look for a firm of Certified Public Accountants to handle the job. At Corporate Accounting Services, Inc., owner Bruce Berndt and his dedicated support team have helped business owners with their tax planning in Farmington Hills for over two decades.

Benefits of Tax Planning with a CPA

Business owners who seek out the help of a CPA for their tax planning have an advantage over their competitors who are not so proactive. Taking the step to ensure you will have a detailed and accurate approach when it’s time to file your taxes can quite possibly have an influence on the future success of your business. We will help you organize all relevant paperwork, and will assist in reconstructing any missing documents through bank records and receipts.

Additionally, we can help you determine the services that will be most beneficial to your needs. In addition to tax planning, many businesses seek out CPAs to help with corporate return preparation, bookkeeping, and other services that can help guide the business toward success.

How Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. Will Help You Prepare

When you come to us for your tax planning and preparation, we will evaluate a number of things about your business before recommending any particular services. Some clients come to us seeking help getting their business started. For those, we help with filing any necessary business formation paperwork and provide counsel on what type of entity structure they would benefit from, educating them about advantages that LLCs, partnerships, and corporations have from a tax reporting standpoint.

We keep you informed of our process throughout the year so you are prepared for anything that comes up along the way. Our firm recommends ways to reduce taxable income, seeking out cost-saving credits and deductions based on your expenses, interest payments, or charitable donations. When it comes time to file, those fees associated with the state or federal revenue filing are covered as a part of your initial set-up.

Keeping ourselves educated is an important part of what we do at Corporate Accounting Services, Inc.. Our entire staff participates in regular training through webinars, seminars, and thorough research to keep up with the latest in tax law.

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At Corporate Accounting Services, Inc., our team of expert CPAs can help you and your business with all your tax questions and needs. Whether you have a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation, planning and preparing ensures timely and accurate filing, which is crucial for long-term success. If you are looking for tax planning services in Farmington Hills, call us today to set up a consultation.

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