Small Business Accounting

Starting and running a successful small business is more than enough for an owner to handle before even considering the process of bookkeeping. Rather than contending with various accounting software programs and prefer to not to incur the cost of a full-time accountant, you can consider outsourcing the work to help save you time and money.

At Corporate Accounting Services, Inc., CPA Bruce Berndt and his dedicated team provide small business accounting in Farmington Hills and throughout the Metro-Detroit area, so owners can spend more time focusing on running an efficient and successful business. If you need accounting services for your small business, call us today!

Save Time and Money with Outsourced Accounting

Many business owners would rather spend time improving their business or managing daily operations than meticulously poring over their books. After your initial consultation, Bruce and his team give you a fair assessment of your circumstances, setting a reasonable price quote for the recommended services. Whether you are just starting a business, or your establishment is already up and running, our dedicated team will handle your accounting needs in the manner that works best for you.

Our convenient remote login feature allows us to access your books right from your desktop without the need to organize a multitude of files and visits to our office. Your level of involvement in the process is entirely up to you. We keep you informed along the way with comprehensive data and reports so you can pursue new ways to expand your business. Our services are catered to your needs, so if you prefer QuickBooks® over other options, we will utilize that program so you can conveniently access and understand the information we provide.

Services Offered

Bruce and our team at Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. think of clients like friends and family. As part of our accounting services, we visit your establishment and have a thorough conversation to learn as much about you, your business, and your management style. Doing this creates a rapport, but most importantly it allows us to closely collaborate with you.

Establishing long-term financial goals is what we do in an overall sense, but there are a variety of intricate services that all contribute to this goal, including:

  • QuickBooks and general ledger setup
  • Monthly accounting and bank reconciliation
  • Payroll setup and benefits planning
  • Evaluating borrowing power and capital needs
  • Comprehensive tax services

We provide these services to any type of business, whether an LLC, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

Contact Us In Farmington Hills Today

Hiring a full time, qualified executive can potentially cost a business owner as much as six figures a year. Hiring Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. to handle your company’s accounting allows you to attend to this important aspect of your business at a reduced cost. If you are looking for a dedicated team to provide help with your small business accounting in Farmington Hills, call our office to set up a consultation today!

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