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Sales Tax Services in Farmington Hills

One of the common challenges facing new and long-established company owners is navigating ever-changing sales tax regulations. While these obligations are highly scrutinized by regulatory agencies at the local and state level, information about collection can be difficult to come by. CPA and founder of Corporate Accounting Services, Inc., Bruce Berndt, leads a team experienced with handling the complexities associated with tax concerns, explaining each step in a straightforward manner. Our firm provides sales tax consulting and compliance services for businesses in Farmington Hills and throughout the Metro-Detroit area.

If you are interested in knowing more about your sales tax liability and reducing your risk of an audit in the future, give us a call today.

How Our Firm Provides Clarity on Sales and Use Tax

At Corporate Accounting Services, Inc., many of our clients come to us with questions and concerns regarding sales and use tax. Collecting the right amount for each product sold or service rendered can be a daunting task for business owners given the numerous rates to consider, along with the unique circumstances where these apply. Equally challenging is having the correct information on hand to ensure that sales tax returns are prepared accurately and filed in a timely fashion. To help clients overcome these concerns, we answer any sales tax inquiries they might have and offer advice based on the most recent and relevant regulatory changes.

We have witnessed firsthand how the corporate landscape has changed in Farmington Hills, seeing how local businesses have expanded beyond the automotive industry into areas as diverse as restaurant franchising and IT consulting. Our firm proudly supports the enterprising owners behind this growth into a world economy. To this end, we advise clients on the financial implications associated with providing goods and services both in our community and across state lines. Working together, we assist clients in maintaining compliance, legally minimize liabilities, significantly reduce their risk of an audit, and even identify situations where they can apply for a sales tax refund.

What to Expect from our Sales Tax Services

During your initial consultation, Bruce will sit down with you to discuss all areas where we can provide assistance, including sales tax services. We may begin this process with answering questions and offering general consulting advice and many clients opt to have our firm handle their sales tax concerns on a monthly basis. Restaurant owners and those operating in the service industry find this month-to-month support valuable, given that rates change regularly and impact the way they conduct business. In addition, by providing us with your accounting records, we can assess whether sales tax is being collected properly and ensure that the information is in place for accurate return filing.

Have Questions about Sales Tax? Call Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. Today!

We understand that business owners spend a considerable amount of effort developing new products and services and pursuing growth opportunities. Let Bruce Berndt and his team of professionals assist you with the tax concerns related to serving your customers. To learn more about sales tax and discuss the consulting and compliance services we have to offer for companies in Farmington Hills and across Oakland County, contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

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