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The time it takes to conduct your own payroll as a small business owner leaves you without as much of this resource to spend on other management functions. Instead of tackling this task alone, consider using our firm at any and all levels of engagement. With the help of our subsidiary, Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. provides payroll support services in Farmington Hills and the Metro-Detroit area.

Proven Payroll Solutions

Several accounting firms will offer to handle the payroll functions of their business clients and promise a fully effective service. However, not every company has a dedicated subsidiary to enforce the quality of their payroll management.

Proven Payroll Solutions, an entity of Corporate Accounting Services, Inc., is a business entirely focused on outsourced payroll management. Our subsidiary can fully devote its expertise, time, and resources to providing any level of payroll support you need. We have this company pay their undivided attention to this core function of your enterprise, making the quality of customer service that you receive much higher than that provided by a non-specialized firm. For example, many of our clients find the response time and level of involvement to be a unique benefit that they often don’t find at other firms.

If you need the dedicated support that is rarely found outside of an in-house payroll department, then Proven Payroll Solutions and Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. are the firms for you.  

Live and After-the-Fact Payroll Options

Proven Payroll Solutions can provide payroll support on a live or after-the-fact basis.

Live payroll involves having our Farmington Hills payroll provider track all employee hour entries as they occur, allowing us unmitigated access to the records for tax return preparation and withholding payment filings. Through our team’s remote services, we can provide live payroll regardless of your business’ location; we can also work through Paychex or ADP if you already use these platforms to provide this consistent management. While more set-up may be required to maintain this approach to payroll, it also allows you to devote much more time and focus on your other managerial tasks.

Alternatively, after-the-fact payroll is when you send your records of employee hours to Proven Payroll Solutions for tax withholding calculation, payment filing, and payroll tax return preparation. This approach requires more involvement on the part of our clients, but it also requires a lower investment in setting up payroll services.

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Corporate Accounting Services, Inc., by way of Proven Payroll Solutions, offers payroll management and support to Farmington Hills and beyond. If you are looking for the quality service of an in-house department with the convenience of an outsourced provider, then we may be the right choice for your business. For more information about the various business functions, we can perform, call our firm today or schedule a free consultation.

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