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Accounting is a function of every business, but some fields in the marketplace face unique realities that only a firm with specialized knowledge can best help them. While our firm’s expertise is strong enough to assist any business, Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. serves several specific industries throughout Farmington Hills and the Metro-Detroit area. Call us to see how we can resolve your unique situation.

Information Technology

The IT sector is in a state of continual growth. As such, companies that provide IT services and consulting need an accounting firm that can keep pace with them as the nature of their services continue to change.

A large portion of our Farmington Hills firm’s clientele is in the IT industry. We help them navigate the changes in their field by keeping their books balanced and providing consultations for better business management. Additionally, we aid them in applying for and maintaining their intellectual property and patents, protecting the software they develop as they use it to help their own clients.

Automotive Industry

As a firm serving the Motor City, we naturally developed our accounting skills to better accommodate the domestic automotive market. However, we also have the expertise to operate in the international automotive market as well. Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. helps companies affiliated with the “Big Three” maintain their patents, international tax obligations, back tax payments, and value-added tax requirements across several borders.

Some of the international markets we provide service to include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, and China. If your automotive company—or business in general—operates within one of these locations, we have an additional level of expertise in these markets with which we can use to better enhance your success in these areas.

Other Industries Served

These are not the only fields in which we can tailor our services for a more precise fit. Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. has also helped produce, service, retail, and restaurant businesses track their inventory costs, helping them stay afloat amidst these constant transactions. We help union construction companies establish government contracts and undergo all necessary steps to obtain insurance bonding; both functions require a certified audit or review from an independent CPA, which we are also qualified to provide.

To these and all industries we serve, our firm also aids in setting up accounting systems and ledgers, staff management tool arrangements, tip-based payroll tax calculations, franchise license acquisitions, and other key accounting functions.

Contact Us for Industry-Based Services

If your business operates in one of these fields, Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. can serve your industry-specific accounting needs from our Farmington Hills office. For more information about how our firm’s customized services, call us and schedule your free consultation today!

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