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Many businesses need attestation to stay in compliance, while others need transparent reports on their financial well-being. Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. provides attest services in the form of certified audits and reviews in Farmington Hills. Our team of experts offers meticulous assistance to confirm your financial records are clear and that your business is operating efficiently. With a wealth of experience from our trained staff, our clients receive the independent statement of assurance to pursue their long-term objectives. 

If you want more information about our attestation services, don’t hesitate to call us. Your first consultation is always free. 

Comprehensive Audits and Reviews 

Our audits and reviews are nothing if not thorough. We first begin this process by learning about your business and the kind of fiscal attestation it needs. Corporate Accounting Services, Inc. has extensive experience with businesses from a variety of industries, including franchises, bond companies, and IT providers. 

Audits are the most in-depth level of attestation. Since these require peer-review from the AICPA, you can trust a certified audit will offer the greatest measure of clarity when it comes to your financial reports. If a government or independent firm requires evidence that your company's’ financials are ethical and stable, then the audits our firm perform are an opportunity to stay compliant. 

Reviews are a less intensive form of attestation, used when transparency in your accounts is needed, but not at the level that audits provide. You can consider these an independent analysis of cash flow, which can reveal issues or ensure a business’ standing. These are required for many businesses, sole proprietors, and contractors to continue operating under a lending or bonding agreement. We conduct reviews of financial statements in an efficient manner and produce detailed reports. These clearly show that business operations are sound and can be used to identify areas for improvement.

Helping Establish New Businesses

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to expand the scope of your venture? Our attestation services can help you obtain the financial support your business requires. When you apply for a loan, we can provide a certified review of your business’ financial statements. This shows lenders the true potential of your business, and how you are steering it in the right direction. Our reviews will also guide your fiscal goals to be practical, helping you produce a growth strategy. 

Your One-Stop Accounting Advisor in Farmington Hills

We help small and new businesses establish themselves with a range of robust services. Audits and reviews are just one of the many things we can do to support your business and its goals. Our firm in Farmington Hills offers expert CPA, accounting, and financial assistance to the surrounding Metro-Detroit area. 

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